What is going on in Ferguson? The police together with state officials are waging an information war against the people of the United States. There has been since the outright murder of Michael Brown a concerted and pre-mediated effort to cover up wrong doing on the part of the Ferguson police department, but more over, there has been the concerted effort to create and control a representation of Ferguson and Missouri in the media that serves the white supremacist agenda of the Ferguson PD and their network of support nationwide.

The riots are almost certainly being agitated and escalated by the police and private instigators supported by the Ferguson police department and other agencies at large. In examining the continual findings of the social media posted to tumblr alone, it is evident that small bands of primarily white marauders and members of the state are deliberately sabotaging efforts at non-violent and peaceful protest. The police began firing into crowds on Sunday 17th of August 2014 prior to the established curfew; statements attributed to the police indicate that they had thought guns were fired by protestors but evidence gathered by protestors indicate that fireworks had been set off nearby prompting the police to tear gas the crowd. The official statement by the police was Molotov cocktails were thrown by protestors. But given the history of US police forces using paid instigators and the credibility problems with the Ferguson PD in the handling of the Michael Brown case, how can we reasonably accept the official statement or assessment of the situation?

In gathering the various stories both official and unofficial here on my blog, I can tell you one thing for certain. Some of the stories are outright lies and fabrications, and so far, it looks like the stories told by the mainstream press and the state officials are outright slander and libel. When the Michael Brown case first showed up on my Tumblr dashboard it was claimed that Brown had been shot dead for jaywalking; it was only later that the convienence store robbery story developed from a rumor to an official statement by the Ferguson PD; this wouldn’t be much if it were not for the fact that the physics of the claim in the official statement don’t line up; the person on the store footage is wearing different clothing from the footage of Brown at the scene of the murder; if you compare the location of the store with the location of the murder you can see that there’s no way the evidence adds up to something that supports the police version of events; the distances and times involved do not support a 11:57 to 12:04 timeline. It gets worse because not much latter the store states they didn’t file any such report, and the store employee in the footage states that they don’t think the person in the footage is Brown, and oh yah, more footage was released showing that it wasn’t even a robbery as the person who is probably not Brown pays for the goods.

The fabrications put out by the officials in the government and in the media are strategic in their narratives; they choose common stereotypes and demonized racial narratives to polarize demographics against the protestors and media on the ground in Ferguson. What’s more is that they are putting out a coded message—probably overt in certain parts of the Internet—to invite hate groups to give them plausible deniability by doing the nasty things that justify the use of force in the mind of the regressive right and neoliberal left.

They are saying, “If you come here and give us a reason to teargas protestors, we’ll look the other way and cover your back.” This is a covert invitation to militant racists. This is the bully taunting the underprivileged; they know that if the people strike back in anger then the system of abuse will vindicate them regardless of the facts; they know that if they push and push and shove until things get out of control—their control and the control of the people of privilege—then this will open up further transgressions throughout the nation. This is boundary testing; this is shit testing; this is abusers inviting social participation in institutionalized abuse.

The members of the media are a particularly interesting class in their strategy because as long as they control the perceptions of the members of media then they can effectively control the perception of the public. Ferguson PD, the Missouri governor, the city politicians are content with the media coming to their press releases and staying far away from the protests proper, but the anger that comes out when agents of the media start showing things counter to the way the official story is being told is a kind of narcissistic rage.

We must remember always in these kinds of events that the oppressors almost invariably perceive themselves as the heroes in the story. Challenges to their self-perception are met with irrational hostility and escalation of force; what we are seeing is the manifested fear of white supremacists in reaction to the reality in which their actions no longer go unchallenged and undocumented.

Public perception is the heart of the conflict; while many of us have little to give in this conflict, we can amplify the signal coming out of Ferguson, and we should with everything we’ve got.

— Ian D.L.N. Mclean (Post as a quote for easy of reblogging.)


…This is the reality of being a black woman, a black femme, and a black perceived-woman. If you do anything, anything, you are not a person. You are a side show and people have the right to be entertained! They will apologize to the white folk they knocked out of the way to get their picture rather than acknowledge a word of personhood to your face! You don’t HAVE a face! You’re just ass. White supremacy has a history dating into the early-mid 1900s of having black people in fucking zoos for their entertainment. This isn’t new! This isn’t new! This is a legacy. This is the legacy of whiteness and no white person is exempt.

Not white women, who are the initiators and main perpetrators of this because (as my friend said) they see her as a threat; not white men, who are indeed just as guilty; not white non-binaries, not white queers (your other axis of oppression do not and will not ever negate your whiteness). No one is exempt from the legacy that made this possible, that allows this to go on unchecked, that is still actively held up by the people who would fancy themselves passive, or “good people.” 

It doesn’t matter how you dress. This isn’t just about being fat, this isn’t just about being skinny- this is about not being white, this is about existing in blackness.

You see white people of all shapes and sizes in this video. NONE of them are side shows, NONE of them are experiencing the sheer white gaze of antiblackness and antiblack misogyny. And this is about blackness. This is about being perceived in such a manner that other people only feel the need an “excuse” to dehumanize you: something they do already in the comfort of their homes, in their minds. You know this because not a single white person reprimanded another white person for their picture taking. Not one alerted her after said non-existent reprimand.This is what I worry about when I go out. I don’t even know if people are taking pics, and I pray they are not.

People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as “parasites” fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society. —Jason Read Exactly. » Pharyngula
…Oh, a hot tip: these new racists really hate being called racists, so they’ve been struggling for years to come up with a new label. “Scientific Racism” and “Academic Racism” didn’t test well; they’ve still got “racism” in the name. For a long time they called themselves “Race Realists”, which I always read as “really racist”. That’s gone by the wayside now, mostly. The term of art you’re looking for now is “Human Biodiversity”, or “hbd” for short. Notice — “race” isn’t in the label any more. But don’t be fooled, hbd really is just the slick new marketing term for modern racism…. The hbd delusion » Pharyngula